Non-Rev Lounge

#143 Snakes on a Plane

September 26, 2023 Season 2 Episode 143
Non-Rev Lounge
#143 Snakes on a Plane
Show Notes

Ashley is back!! This time with work stories and non rev travels! 

  • How Ashley started in aviation 
  • Ashley takes the quiz: Are you Hawaiian or Californian? 
  • StaffTraveler App has some great new features! Ask on social media, give them tips and they’ll give you credits! 
  • Lara reads StaffTravelers “24 Hours in This City” articles! Look those up for travel inspiration!
  • Craziest cargo story
  • How Ashley non revs…no plans just shows up
  • Seniority vs Time of check in 🤪
  • Crew to board flights and crew that does the actual flying 
  • No one retires 
  • Baseball family
  • Easy to get to Tahiti from Hawaii
  • Moorea in Tahiti, French Polynesian, Franc’s
  • Swim with sharks, rays and eels
  • Hike The Vima

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