Non-Rev Lounge

#140 "I am NEVER flying this airline again”

September 05, 2023 Monique, Lara and Tyler Season 2 Episode 140
Non-Rev Lounge
#140 "I am NEVER flying this airline again”
Show Notes

We three talk work and travel! 

  • Tyler goes to the Chicago Air Show…well, ..kinda…
  • Who has more seats? Frontier’s A321NEO or a 787-900?? 787-800?
  • Would you stand for a couple hours on an airplane for a cheaper ticket?
  • Great locations for non revving in September and October!
  • Of course, it wouldn’t be The Non Rev Lounge without discussing Hawaii!!
  • Come to Phoenix! Let us know so we can Podcast with you!
  • Would you wear the Lederhosen if you were at Octoberfest?
  • We will NEVER fly these airlines again! 😭
  • Undercover Boss! 
  • Robert Isom story
  • Dorkfest!
  • Outtakes!!👍

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