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#138 Nonrev Words and Drugged up Lara

August 22, 2023 Monique, Lara and Tyler Season 2 Episode 138
Non-Rev Lounge
#138 Nonrev Words and Drugged up Lara
Show Notes

The three of us have our own adventures to talk about today! (**)

  • Lara is taking Percocet for dental pain relief.
  • Gate Agents Unite!!
  • Sorry if our macabre humor about bereavement at work was too much!
  • Missing Katie’s grandmother, our guest from episode 21.
  • Thank you to our airline for being so generous during bereavement!
  • Listener letter! Thanks Gee!
  • Airline jargon explained!
  • ZED =Zonal Employee Discount flying on other carriers at an employee discount 
  • As a gate agent,  Monique sends APIS documents to other countries not to be confused with AFIS Automated Fingerprint Information System (See, I watch NCIS)
  • Jumpseating 
  • StaffTraveler to the rescue!
  • Deadhead 💀
  • IROPS Irregular Operations
  • Buddy Pass 🤑
  • Hawaii thoughts and memories 😪
  • Outtakes!!  There’s A LOT! 🤣

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(**)This week Lara would like to apologize for labeling the rude couple on her group tour 
as “The Canadians “ She would like it noted that the region from which they live is NOT indicative of their rude behavior! Lara LOVES Canadians! They are the nicest people ! She loves Andrew from the Flying Smarter Podcast and she loves Ben Willis from IG: Standby_List  and hope to have dinner with Ben one of these days in Hawaii! Lara would like to take back those two references she made in previous episodes. Thank you very much! 🙏