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#135 Speed Dating Wtih Brittany, Non-Rev Edition

August 01, 2023 Season 2 Episode 135
Non-Rev Lounge
#135 Speed Dating Wtih Brittany, Non-Rev Edition
Show Notes

This weeks show we are lucky to be joind by 5 different guests.  Brittany recorded short segments while we were in Dallas.  Some former guests,  and some that we have never had on, enjoy! 

  • DJ Spotter talks about some travel stories, and settles the  question ;!who is funnier Tyler or Monique!
  • Greg from Season 1 sits down and endures talking to Brittany
  • Melissa from AUS got married and a new job
  • Adventure Junkies Chris and Shawna upgrade with some travels
  • Mr. Zed Caden first time guest,  talks about his love for travel and aviation

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