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#133 Non-Rev Tim Circles the World!

July 18, 2023 Season 2 Episode 133
Non-Rev Lounge
#133 Non-Rev Tim Circles the World!
Show Notes

This week fellow PHX ramper Tim joins the crew to talk about his around the world travels. He also has a great tip for those that don't have global entry. 

  • Welcome back Lara, we missed you
  • Final thoughts from the Yellowstone trip
  • Welcome to the show Tim
  • Tim takes a back up plan to get to Thailand
  • The return finishes the full circle of the earth
  • Saint Martin
  • 50 before 40 
  • Mobile Passport APP

Information about the app

✈️StaffTraveler is a great app that can assist you in your non-rev travels! Use it to find the loads for your non-rev travel!  Use this to sign up and get entered into a free weekly raffle:
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