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#130 All Inclusive Resort or Cruise?

June 27, 2023 Season 2 Episode 130
Non-Rev Lounge
#130 All Inclusive Resort or Cruise?
Show Notes

This week the three of us talk about a few recent trips including Monique attending Pride night in Disney Land and Tyler taking his wife (Katie) to Cancun for a long ❤️weekend.  

  • Getting Mo’s daughter Allie-Jo to a hair show!
  • Disney Pride Night! You don’t have to have a gay card! 
  • Tyler admits he was “trav-hangry” because everyone was traveling but him! 🤣
  • Tyler takes Katie to a Perx all inclusive in Cancun! 
  • People wore clothing at this all inclusive!
  • Paying a premium for Perx “Run of the House” …. WORTH IT!!
  • Bad behavior on the runway.
  • Get Global Entry!!
  • Hawaii vs Cancun

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