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#124 Stand By With Me!!

May 16, 2023 Season 2 Episode 124
Non-Rev Lounge
#124 Stand By With Me!!
Show Notes

For a long time I’ve been a follower of Twitter’s resident non-rev expert, Stand By With Me! 
I enjoy his Instagram and TikTok accounts too! 
His real name is Connor and he lives in Dallas so we podcasted during our meet-up. 

  • No longer secret! 🤫 
  • He’s taken, ladies! 
  • Connor’s job: He supports the after-market operations .🤔
  •  Pet Peeves 
  • His point of pride is never buying a ticket! 
  • Connor and Mo compare notes about Chile! 
  • What would Connor teach new hires about nonrevving?
  • What’s an oasis? 
  • Paris! 
  • More nonrev tips
  • Connor is a credit card guru!! He discusses how to choose a cc that is best for you!
  • Instagram: @_standbywithme
  • TikTok: @standbywithme

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