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#123 Ian from Crew Tracking Refuses To Give Lara His Cell!

May 09, 2023 Season 2 Episode 123
Non-Rev Lounge
#123 Ian from Crew Tracking Refuses To Give Lara His Cell!
Show Notes

We FINALLY interview Ian! A Crew Tracker at our favorite airline! (Why won’t he give Lara his cell number?)  Ian tells us about his start in aviation and his future job aspirations. He’s really cute in person too!

  • Coronation highlights! 
  • Mo and Beril wake up at 2 am to watch HRH King Charles get crowned!
  • Would You Rather game. 
  • Ian really goes into action during IROPS …Irregular Operations!!
  • Who gets precedent in irregular operations ? Pilots or flight attendants?
  • What is BizHero?
  • No one in aviation celebrated when Southwest had their winter meltdown. We all felt for them! We ALL are one step away from that! 
  • What is a flight dispatcher?
  • Math in Action!
  • Ian graduates from dispatch school!
  • What’s a 135 and a 121 operator?
  • Ian teaches new hires about non revving. 
  • Post Covid flying rush!
  • A Mexican Frontier Airlines!
  • Non Rev Stress!! 
  • Coming back to aviation!
  • Outtakes!! 
  • Ian!! Give Lara your cell!! Let her feel special!

Find Ian on IG at @ianmatthew89

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