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#122 Long Time Listener First Time Caller Stand by List

May 02, 2023 Season 2 Episode 122
Non-Rev Lounge
#122 Long Time Listener First Time Caller Stand by List
Show Notes

The first episode we recorded when we were in DFW was with Ben. He is an Alaska Airlines retiree that has been a big supporter of our show from day one.  Ben is a Canadian and non revs every where. Once he and Lara were in Maui at the same time and almost had dinner!

  • Podcasting from the top of the roof at Phoenix Sky Harbor.
  • StaffTraveler updates!
  • Monique FINALLY gets her flying dependents into FC! 
  • Ben gamely podcasts with zero sleep!
  • Ben gets into Aviation through theft! 🤣
  • Marries his aviation career to his hotel career! That’s a win-win! 🙌
  • Weird passengers stories
  • Tinder For Teenagers!  
  • Just kidding…. Ben tells us all about an aviation program where non rev children get to exchange with other non rev kids in other countries! 
  • Matches all over the world 🌎
  • Maui vs Kona 
  • Ben’s kids are now addicted to travel…Just like Lara’s kids! Careful what you do with your children 🤣
  • Ben tells us about Harbor Airlines float planes!!  Non Rev tip!

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