Non-Rev Lounge

#121 Non Rev Lounge Does DFW Recap

April 25, 2023 Season 2 Episode 121
Non-Rev Lounge
#121 Non Rev Lounge Does DFW Recap
Show Notes

The 3 of us pinch ourselves silly that we actually had this AAmazing event!    

  • How we all got to Dallas
  • Podcasting in the epic new headquarters 
  • Meeting the CEO and  the AA podcaster
  • Beril’s Bakes cake! 
  • Integrated Operations Center tour
  • Founders Plaza
  • Skyview 8 and Skyview 6 incredible tours 
  • What do you desire for lunch? Thank you American Airlines! 
  • Raffle!
  • CR Smith Museum tour
  • Harvest Hall dinner, dranks and dancing with the hot guy from Perx! (Lara) 
  • Founders Plaza with donuts and coffee
  • Ramp tours!  
  • Thanks to everyone who attended and a recap of some  of them!
  • How the heck did we all get home?

Eternal gratitude for Beril at American Airlines for making dreams come true! We cannot acknowledge her enough for all the AAmazing things she accomplished for The Non Rev Lounge listeners. Complete access to American Airlines and the hospitality involved❤️ Her teAAm was wonderful and we are so appreciative!! Thank you for the fantastic donations to our raffle, those models can’t be topped as a plum prize for our listeners!

Thank you to Kyle Chang from Clubhouse (download the free app today) and his Aviation Enthusiasts channel. He did a fabulous job as an event coordinator; getting the hotel and rooms together and keeping us on track!  Listen to his channel! I enjoy hanging out on Friday nights there!
 Thank you to the famous @aapilotwife, our good friend, Claudi! She got fun raffle prizes, found great places for our dinners, got ramp tours set up, was in charge of the  tee shirts, brought donuts to Founders Plaza,. She was instrumental in making this event happen! We all love her little goodie bags with the meet up printed on them!
Kelsey our good friend and personal chauffeur! Kelsey is the person who got the majority of our prizes. JSX loves her, and so do we! She was instrumental in the success of the weekend! We needed an extra hand and there she was! She  dogged people  to get us those  prizes! Kelsey also donated her personal collection of airline kids pins !! ❤️ Coffee at Founders Plaza came in clutch !
When I think Non Rev Lounge, I think Kelsey!
Brittany….dang girl! You just got it! Thanks for handling the social media that weekend! I may have missed some meals and sleep, but our social media was current and people who couldn’t attend got to see our event! You rock sister!! Couldn’t have done that without you!

Many, many thanks to our sponsors at StaffTraveler, Guillermo and Laurens! You believed in us when we were just a baby podcast and have supported and encouraged us as we grew into the popular podcast we are today❤️ Thank you for contributing to our event and being so incredibly generous with the credits this weekend! 💸💸💸 We missed you! (Lara would have danced all night with you two also!)

Appreciation abounds for our friends at  They have supported us and sent us Brent (not just dance with you all night Lara) to tell everyone to WORK THOSE PERX!!  Our promo code with them still is operational! NONREVPOD30 Thank you for your support and generosity with so many travel vouchers, bags, pens and fun things and $$ for our event!! Brent fit right in with all of the aviation people! I’m booking a cruise right now! WORK THOSE PERX!!  Don’t forget that anyone on your flying benefits can use Perx as well as non airline friends as long as they’re in your room!
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