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#120 Cameraman Craig From The UK!

April 18, 2023 Season 2 Episode 120
Non-Rev Lounge
#120 Cameraman Craig From The UK!
Show Notes

Our meet up is finished and Tyler is just getting started on the massive job of editing all the podcasts we recorded in Dallas! 

This episode with our Avgeek, plane spotter friend Craig from the United Kingdom was recorded the day before we left for Dallas!  He and his lovely wife Claire were in town trying to thaw out from the cold British weather. 

  • The Queen’s procession.
  • Visiting our area of the country
  • Club Suites with British Airways 
  • Taxes!! 
  • Kuala Lumpur must do! 
  • First non rev trip to LAX
  • Craig’s side hustle

Your can find Craig’s amazing airline photos on Instagram at:

His travel consulting business on Instagram at:

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