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#119 Beril The Cake Lady Is Back

April 11, 2023 Monique, Lara and Tyler Season 2 Episode 119
Non-Rev Lounge
#119 Beril The Cake Lady Is Back
Show Notes

Beril is back and she crosses off all the boxes,  Hawaii, the royals, and lay flat seats.

  • Flagship Valor aircraft 
  • Quarantin-Treats
  • Turkey visits (the country, not the poultry) 
  • 9 non revs trying to get to Hawaii in July 😱
  • Use Your Resources tips! 
  • Osprey sightings 
  • Kona MUST DO’s!
  • Why Beril likes cruises
  • Listener letters
  • Would you talk to a celebrity onboard?
  • We appreciate YOU, our listeners! 

You can find Beril on IG at  Berilbakes

We’re looking forward to the big meet up in Dallas this weekend! April14-16!  See you there!

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